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Sandwich Insulated Panels

Smartec Prefab provides "Sandwich Insulated Panels" and fulfill the clients requirement with respect to design ... Read more...
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SMART Toll Booth

Our Pre-assembled booths make for providing quick and affordable solutions for a wide range of applications. Read more...
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With fan honest commitment to superior quality designs, our team members are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Portable ATM Cabin. Read more...
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SMART Security Cabin

We ensure that our materials are in compliance with international quality standards, guaranteeing durability, perfect finishing and affordability. Read more...

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What Do we do?

Prefabricated House

No project can initiate without a site office solution and this is the pain point SMARTEC caters to through its various product lines across every touch point of a project. From the Security cabins that man the project site to the working spaces and toilets to the pantry and kitchen and the storage units SMARTEC delivers across the entire project space value chain. 

SMARTEC delivers manufactures prefabricated /Modular methodology Pre-fabricated shelters, Homes, Buildings that can be deployed in a built-up or knocked down condition in areas that do not have any infrastructure and have a Just In time solution needed.Smartec is the next generation Prefab Housing and Prefab Building materials infrastructure company. Samartec is primarily focused in the development of urban, rural, agricultural and power infrastructure.

Smartec has positioned itself strongly in the urban and rural infrastructure market. The product range includes the manufacturing of low cost residential accommodations, site offices, portable cabins/containers, security cabins and other customer need specific structures. 

Smartec Shelters provides a project camp solution that enables the customer to invest in a solution that replicates its utility via mobility across multi-line projects and programs spread over many decades. At the end-of its lifecycle the Smartec Shelter is 100% Recyclable and also retains a depreciated value that the customer can sell it back to the market or turn into into another project. Smartec captures  the entire project value chain for shelters from the point of entry of security Cabins, to Site offices, Toilet Blocks, Pantry and Kitchen areas to Housing the team in fragmented and off the grid-areas until the completion of the project or program Life Cycle.


Smartec Captures a market that address? Cradle-to-Cradle? concept for the physical infrastructure it provides to clients. At the end of the project life cycle, our clients can carry and easily lift-n-shit the entire project shelter infrastructure to other project over a period of time,. Eliminating incurring additional capital expenditure for future projects and programs.

Also SMARTEC provided a monetary value to the project shelters in case the client needs to sell the infrastructure at the end of the projects thereby subsidizing the ROI

What Do we Make? Whats is the Smartec product?
Smartec makes A portable building, or demountable/transportable building, is a building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located. A common modern design is sometimes called a modular building, but portable buildings can be different in that they are more often used temporarily and taken away later. Portable buildings (e.g. yurts) have been used since prehistoric times.

The most familiar modern type of portable buildings are designed so that one can be carried to or from site on a large lorry and slung on and off by a crane.

The modern portable building, or "knock-down" building, was first developed by United States firm Porta-Kamp in 1955. The first portable building under the trade name Portakabin was built in 1961 in England.
Portable modular buildings have various uses. They are often seen, alone or in groups, as temporary site offices on building sites (where they are often stacked two high with metal stairs to reach the upper level; see also Construction trailer). Other uses for these and other types of portable buildings are as guard shacks, rural offices, on-site changing rooms, etc. Some portable buildings are very complex by joining units these forming large office blocks. (even over several floors). These are often disguised as a normal building often with brick style cladding and a traditional pitched roof. Tara Park developed by Liverpool City Council have even used portable buildings to create temporary/permanent domestic housing for communities complying with UK building regulations and disabled access.
Due to population increases in many areas, portable buildings are sometimes brought in to schools to provide relief from overcrowding. Portable classroom buildings often include two classrooms separated by a partition wall and a toilet.


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