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Building Uses

Applications for Prefabricated Buildings from Smartec

Choose permanent-quality prefabricated buildings for any end use, accommodating from one to more than 1,000 people

When you need a new building, no matter what the end use or how many people it needs to accommodate, you can be sure that Smartec has a portable or modular building to meet your needs. Over the past 50 years, we have designed and delivered more than 50 million square feet of prefabricated building space for every conceivable building use, from classrooms to canteens and from offices to operating theatres. Our all-steel prefabricated buildings are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards and meet all existing building regulations - so you can be sure that whatever building you need, it will be constructed to the highest standards.

The inherent adaptability of our prefabricated modular building systems means that we can develop buildings to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding or obscure applications. In this section you will find examples of some of the most common, as well as some of the more unusual, uses for our buildings. However, this is not an exhaustive list. If you need a building type that is not included here, please do get in touch - we'll be happy to design a building to fulfil your specific requirements. It's what we're best at!

Here are examples of some of the end uses for our prefabricated buildings. Please click on the links below for more detail about each of these building uses:



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