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marketing suitesWhen promoting new homes, presentation is everything. Create an unforgettable first impression on your potential buyers with an only one of its kind Smartec marketing suite

When you're a construction firm selling new properties, making the right first impression always matter. Showcasing the quality, design and styling of your new homes can be a task before the development is complete - but achieving early sales is important in getting a faster return on your efforts and investment. That's when an only one of its kind marketing suite from Smartec becomes a precious asset that will really present your homes in a new light.

Your custom made marketing suite can be as large as you like, from a single stand-alone unit to a complex multi-storied marketing suite having mock rooms, swatch displays, kitchen showrooms and everything you need to showcase the quality and design of your homes. The appearance of your building can be customized to your specifications for creating an eye-catching showroom drawing potential clients inside. The interior can be outfitted with the highest standards of contemporary lighting, furniture and fittings. It's the ideal way to introduce potential home owners to their new homes.

Why choose a marketing suite from Smartec?

  • Create a visually stunning, inspiring sales environment for customers, with recessed lighting, laminate floors, full-height glazed walls and a host of other stylish interior and exterior options
  • Your suite can incorporate all the latest technology, including virtual tours and video presentations
  • Re-locatable portable or modular marketing suites can be taken with you from one housing development to the next
  • Suites can be tailored to your individual needs, with sample rooms, mock-up living spaces, comfortable sales areas, offices, toilets, kitchenettes - and everything else your staff and customers need
  • Provides a faster return on investment than traditional show homes - your suite can be sited as soon as you arrive on site, before any homes are built, so you can start promoting your new homes immediately


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