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Catering Units

Providing full catering facilities for your event visitors, staff, guests, competitors and performers is a major undertaking...Read More

First Aid Post

Provide complete first-aid services throughout your event, with especially custom-made buildings from Smartec Events... Read More

Security and Police Units

securtEnsure safety of visitors at your event and keep them safe with specially designed security buildings and police control units...Read More

Contractor Units

contractorSetting up the facilities and services for any major event can be a long and laboring process, so you're likely to have your... Read More

Meeting Rooms

If your event requires meeting or conference rooms on-site for organizers, judges, competitors or any other event participants... Read More

Shower Units

Domestic-standard, high-performance, energy-saving showers - a single 47kg gas bottle powers six showers continuously for 16 hours... Read More

Dressing Units

Impress the stars of your event with specially designed, fully equipped dressing rooms from Smartec Events... Read More

Reception Suites

To welcome and receive VIP guests and visitors to your event, it's important to make an impressive start... Read More

Sleeping Units

Long working hours can cause a strain and decrease efficiency of your staff. This usually maybe difficult to avoid during setting up...Read More


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