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Provide complete first-aid services throughout your event, with especially custom-made buildings from Smartec Events

first aid centreEvents of any size need to provide easily accessible and highly visible first-aid stations to ensure that visitors requiring medical attention can get it as quickly as possible. That's why Smartec Events has designed a special first-aid building that can be installed any place on your event site, providing the facilities needed to manage high-quality first aid.

These strong, all-steel buildings have access ramps and wider-than-usual doorways allowing for easy stretcher and wheelchair access. Inside, the rooms are bright and comfortable, and can be equipped with any desks, chairs and other furniture you require. The buildings can be clearly indicated as first-aid stations, so that visitors can locate them easily.

No matter what and how many first aid buildings you need, you can be rest assured that Smartec Events can provide the facilities and resources to conform to your every requirement - even for major events requiring extensive first-aid provisions on the site. We'll listen to your requirements and recommend the optimum number, size and location of contractors' accommodation buildings for your needs. Just call us and let our event building specialists handle it for you.


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