Security and Police Units
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Security and Police Units

Ensure safety of visitors at your event and keep them safe with specially designed security buildings and police control units

security unitTo ensure the security of your site and provide required standards of safety of your visitors, you need to install security and police control posts throughout the site of your event. A visible and effective security presence can help in avoiding any security threats and deal swiftly with any issues that can occur.A wide range of security and police control buildings are available from Smartec Events and are built to help provide a high-level of security at your event. These strong, all-steel buildings feature large windows on all four elevations, giving police and other security personnel excellent all-round visibility - enabling effective monitoring of the site.

Smartec has a vast range and wealth of resources that can be chosen for any number and configuration of buildings you desire. We'll listen to your requirements and recommend the optimum number, size and location


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