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Administrative and Organizer office buildings

On-site office facilities are a must for any event. Organizers need a base from which to coordinate activities, while the multitude of administration tasks that keep your event running smoothly need to be carried out in a well equipped office facility located on site.

The choice of bright, attractive, permanent-quality office buildings available from Smartec Events means you'll never be short of workspaces for your administration and organizational teams... Your office buildings can be open-floor or divided into individual offices ranging in size from 7m2 to 36m2. They will be delivered to your site ready for use, and our support team will fit them out with all the desks, chairs, cupboards and other furniture you may need.

No matter what and how many rooms you need, you can be rest assured that Smartec Events can provide the facilities and resources to conform to your every requirement. Just call us and let our event building specialists handle it for you.


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