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Offices for Large Organisation

Building Use - Offices For 100 To 1000 People

No matter how many people you need to provide a working space for, there's no limit to office space you can create with Smartec modular buildings.
There is no limitations to flourishing of any office or business, but what happens when you need an office for 100 people, 1,000 people - or more? The range of modular building systems available from Smartec can be configured to meet your needs and increasing demands. Modular construction works, with modules linked side-by-side, end-to-end and in multiple storey’s, ensuring no limit to the size of building that can be created. Also, inside, these buildings provide vast column-free spaces that give you complete flexibility to lay out the interior in the manner of your choice.

Everything you need for the complete office environment from Smartec

Smartec will handle and take care of everything from the initial building design and architecture, through to installing the foundations, constructing your building and completely fitting it out with all the interior and exterior options of your choice. Off-site factory manufacturing assures you of consistent high build quality.


Why choose an office for 100 to 1,000 or more people from Smartec?

No limit to the size or configuration of building that can be created
Extensive office buildings completed in a fraction of the time of traditionally constructed offices
Source everything you need from Smartec for a complete, ready-to-use working environment
Completely flexible internal layouts enable you to create any combination of offices, meeting rooms, canteens, reception areas, toilets and more
Choose from a range of interior and exterior options to enhance your building
Comfortable, well-insulated, air-tight buildings fitted with movement-sensitive PIR lighting for enhanced energy efficiency
Modular construction is quieter, faster and generates less waste than traditional construction - minimizing disruption to your site and enhancing your sustainable credentials
Buildings designed to meet all permanent building regulations


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