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Building Use - Office Units for Start up Businesses

Instant, fully equipped office building available for rapid delivery by Smartec

If you're setting up a business, or need a home office or simply just need to quickly access additional office space, the Instant Start-Up Office from Smartec is the perfect solution.All you have to do is move in and start work... This completely self-contained, plug-in-and-go office can be delivered within days of your order.* Available to hire or buy, the great-value building is fitted out with high-quality furniture, fully connected networking systems and electrical sockets, fluorescent lighting and 2KW heater.

Why choose the Smartec Instant Start-Up Office?

  • Bright, comfortable, airy interiors and generous lighting levels
  • Fitted out with everything you need for an efficient and fully connected start-up office
  • Excellent thermal insulation for a warm, comfortable and welcoming work environment
  • BBA approval confirms outstanding build quality with a minimum structural life expectancy of 60 years
  • Versatility to adapt, link, add extra storey’s or relocate the building as required
  • Range of sizes available - from 7m² to 36m² to accommodate from one to six people


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