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Defence Shelter

We provide Defense Shelters that are exclusively designed for Defense personnel. These shelters stand pretty high in strength, are really compact in structure and can withstand wind pressure and rainfall. We can also customize our available options which are easy to install, repack and unpack and offer full comfort to the end users.

Smartec has up to date Design and Manufacturing facility to produce Integrated Mobile Shelters for use by Defense, Telecom and Health among various other sectors. Smartec’s Integrated Mobile Shelters are rugged, and suitable for rapid movement by road, rail, sea and air and ready for deployment and operation. These mobile shelters are designed and customized to meet MIL standards and can be EMI shielded and NBC protected as per customers requirements and specifications.

Smartec offers pre-insulated and prefabricated shelters to the Defense services for employment as Expandable Mobile Shelter (EMS), EMI Shelters, Mobile Medical Unit (MMU), Filed Office Shelter (FOS), Mobile Communication System (MCS), Telecom Shelters, Mobile Power Units (MPU) and Site Offices.

Smartec Defense Shelters are already assembled and equipped with panels of PUF sandwiched and Aluminum sheets for floors, roofs and walls. These panels are readied and assembled along with the accessories like profiles, angles and ISO Corners. The sandwich panels embedded with grid structure are light-weight, sturdy and very strong.

Pre- fabricated shelters

We offer the highest standards of quality range of pre fabricated shelters with high market credibility. Made from superior quality PUF insulation, these long withstanding shelters can also be customized and designed according to your needs.

The exclusive features that form an integral part of our organization are resistance to corrosion, waterproof sealing and fire proof robust structures.

Steadfast shelters and industrial shelters are devised and engineered as a protection module for high value products and equipment. These are self supporting, have specially designed doors equipped with metal puff sandwich panels. These steadfast shelters can withstand time being resistant to dust, dirt and corrosion. All the specifications are in accommodation with the commonly required features with a surplus of features as required by our customers.

  • High thermal resistance
  • Reinforced floor panels
  • Additional roof to provide slope
  • Complete security
  • IP54 level protection offered with resistance to water and air.
  • Long life with zero maintenance.


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