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Modular Datacenters

A modular data centre system is a portable method of enhancing, distributing and increasing capacity and work benefits out of a data centre. A feasible alternative to the traditional data centre, a modular data centre has an advantage that it can be placed anywhere where data capacity is required.

Modular data centre systems comprise of purpose-engineered modules and components to enable scalable data centre capacity with multiple power and cooling options. Modules can be shipped and delivered anywhere in the world to be in order to be added, integrated or retrofitted into the customer’s existing data centre blueprint, or combined into a different system of modules. Modular data centres consist of standardized components, which makes them easier to build and cheaper to construct.

Modular data centres come in two types of variants. The more common type, referred to as containerized data centres or portable modular data centres, fit data centre equipment (servers, storage and networking equipment) into a standardized shipping container, which is then transported to a any location. Containerized data centres typically come fitted and equipped with their own cooling systems.
There are several disagreements with regard of use of prefabricated modular data centres, but with financial issues are at the core, many suppliers do argue that these data centres are cheaper to buy and cheaper to operate!


You will need to immediately deploy a power supply and cooling infrastructure for your data centre that should be simple, reliable and also cost effective. With the limitation on your existing physical space, the time and cost of construction becomes prohibitive. As your future growth uncertain, a solution with a small footprint is ideal for beginning.


Standardized, pre-assembled and integrated data centre facility power supply and cooling modules are at least 60% faster to deploy and cost up to 30% less than traditional data centre infrastructure.  These are available in multiple power and cooling capacities which may prove ideal for your co-location, enterprise and cloud applications.

Value Proposition

  • Quickly add cooling and power capacity
  • Dedicate power and cooling to the IT Room alone, and not the entire building
  • Perform and deploy as per prediction
  • Leverage utilization of unused space to avoid delays and cut construction costs
  • Allows facilities to change into the right-size as their demand fluctuates
  • Easily move power and cooling modules to new locations if your business relocates
  • Enjoy greater quality control - factory vs. field assembly


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