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built schoolIn cases of a situation where the possibility of restructuring the school facilities already existing in order to maintain unchanged the conduct of educational activities is bleak, Smartec is able to provide prefabricated schools as realized by current standards, which ensure comfortable surroundings, modest functionality and convenience for students and teachers. These structures are made ​​possible owing to a careful study of the designing and several configurations to identify solutions in accordance with the architectural, aesthetic and technological innovations and criteria. In addition, the school prefabricated structures, are made ​​with the undivided attention, dedication and motivation to provide an 'element of safety in regulatory compliance also with regard to the prevention of fire risks.


Using our specially prefabricated modules of 2000 lines, the M1 or pavilions Series Frontier, you can get educational and recreational facilities of any order and degree, including nursery schools or kindergartens.

These are safe and reliable, and also in accordance with the existing rules on safety, the prefabricated schools from Smartec can also be used for areas with specific territorial conditions where seismic risks and snow fall can have important and difficult implications. Our preliminary structure related calculations, guarantee high levels of maximum safety. The variety of finishing’s and furnishings available make it possible for us to produce complex structures for educational activities at various levels to even simple nursery-like visually pleasing buildings . Also, with the availability of local spacious open-plan coatings and colored diamonds and gemstones, made ​​with certified materials, always with an adequate level of illumination the overall aesthetics of the structure is enhanced. Also, providing of plants, water and electricity, as well as other technologies, all made ​​in accordance with the regulations, the needs and the level of education. Attention to every detail, pursuit of liveliness and comfort of the rooms form the decisive criteria followed in the designing phase of the specific structure.


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