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Fuel Retail Cabin


  • It consists in placing the fuel reservoirs under an umbrella-like roof, which along with usage of the Uniframe foundation frames, greatly limits cost of the building and unequivocally reduces the assembly time.
  • Every filling station consists of prefabricated foundation frames, double-wall underground reservoirs, and an umbrella roof with lighting, fuel piping and a separator, fuel dispensers.
  • Numbers of isles, fuel sorts and reservoirs. All are adapted down to every detail to the client's needs and requirements.
  • The modular construction enables us to shorten the designing and building time of a station by several days, and to erect the station on very small area and to move the station in different places for relatively low costs.


Advantages of an off-site construction for your retail projects include –

  • Allows earlier completion and a faster returns on your investment
  • Less hindrance to trading formalities and customers' shopping experience
  • Fewer vehicle movements to the site in question
  • Safe, clean construction reducing noise at the site.
  • Improvisation on quality with reduced future maintenance.
  • Amazing design flexibility, both internally and externally.
  • Expansion of traditionally-constructed supermarkets without decanting.
  • Improved thermal efficiency that lowers running costs and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Higher cost control.
  • Wastage of materials reduced by almost 90%.
  • On budget.
  • On time delivery.


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