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mini mart modularA flexible “pop up” retail store, that provides a win/win model for the demanding retail environment.

At Smartec, we supply a reusable, transitory, modular store that can easily be adapted to any retail space. It is ideally suited for malls and for leasing out a smaller portion of available area, reduces unattractive empty stores, and offers cost saving returns such as monthly lease payment. It is also perfect for retailers who wish to downsize and sublease part of their retail space.

Shop-in-a-Box offers a multitude of payback. It is modular, quick and easy to setup and to disband, offers innumerous configurations with infinite sizes for store configurations, and offers easy replacement or upgrading options. It is cost-effective, and offers great designing and color options within a short lead time. Utilizing Shop-in-a-Box, slatwall panels, displays and counters along with showcases can be combined to complete a store layout and shipping costs are reduced, since items are shipped on skids, saving on freight expenses. Smartec offers high quality engineering, coupled with complementary floor plan layouts and assistance, and available customer support to ensure on time delivery and quick response to queries

Corner-Forms are an essential and important component of the Shop-in-the-Box model. They are easy to install, easy to assemble / dismantle and configure. This patented two-part fastening system can be used to construct pop-up stores, or various other interesting and handy uses.

Smartec, has provided an average set-up of 4 basic momentary stores to make available an idea of what a basic store would appear like and what the pricing would be. In addition, we have provided a sampling of on- display fixtures that can be placed in the store for a wide variety of product uses and applications.


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