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Oil Changing Station

oil changing stationSmartec is a leading manufacturer of containers and special units. Among the various achievements, outstanding products specifically designed for the sector oil and gas changing station . The variety of operational applications, and the great diversity of equipment, give rise to a wide range of embodiments. In fact, the products for this sector include accommodation containers , containers containing analytical laboratories , shelters equipped with control rooms and battery rooms , until you get to the large electrical substations .

The 'experience of our engineers is put at the disposal of the customer in order to achieve, through careful engineering activities, containers and shelters for Offshore and Onshore , which are essential for all activities to support the mining operations of the Oil & Gas Changing sector. The materials used are certified to provide customers with high quality products. The functionality of the solutions and created local, derived from a careful study and design phase to identify the most suitable equipment for the specific application. solutions designed to meet national and international standards and building regulations may provide for, among other amenities.

The installation of fire-resistant components, thermal and acoustic insulation or components to create controlled environments Atex type (explosion proof). Equipment and specialist equipment such as HVAC systems, Fire and Gas and electrical systems complement the capabilities of our products for the Oil & Gas industry.


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