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Pharmacy Health care

PHARMACYSmartec pays particular attention to the study and design of mobile health centers to provide cutting-edge solutions and services. In fact, our know-how based on extensive experience of over 35 years, has made ??possible the design and development of technology unit with insulated containers designed to contain complete sets of machinery and equipment necessary for different medical specialist areas such as General Medicine , Gynecology , Ophthalmology , Radiography , Otolaryngology , Dentistry and more.

These units can be equipped with specialist equipment such as patient beds , refrigerators for medicines , laboratory benches , furniture and other specialists, as well as to adopt configurations and solutions to meet the operational needs of the clinic . The electrical and plumbing systems necessary for the operation of medical units are supplied and are fully compliant with the current regulations for safety. In addition, smoke detection and fire fighting systems can be arranged. amenities such units may include various options such as air conditioning, toilets , emergency power generator sets , water reserve tanks and more.


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