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Hivehaus – the term stands for a flexible and modular lifestyle home of identical and similar proportioned hexagonal cells. The side of each cell can be connected together to create a home of any size, shape and dimensions based on multiples of each 9.3metre square unit. The inspiration for this creative and flexible design came from the building principles used by the honey bees in construction of their clusters of hexagonal honeycomb shapes that they dutifully design and construct within the beehive. Barry Jackson was the first person who applied the modular honeycomb idea to basic Bauhaus design principles and the final result is his Hivehaus. With designated cells for every purpose and requirement like office, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and partition walls that may come with or without single or many pocket doors that can be added or removed as per requirement, each home can be custom fitted to suit the needs of the owner. Also, Hexagonal decks of the same proportions can also be connected to offer that indoor - outdoor lifestyle if and when the weather permits.


The LV Series Kit Home comes with a set of Plans, a Construction Binder, and a Kit of Parts for the exterior shell of the house. You will receive the Plans and Construction Binder immediately after payment of your first initial deposit. After making your complete payment, you will receive the pending Kit of Parts.


The PLANS are a complete set of instructions that you can use to attain a building permit and organize construction bids. These Plans also work as construction documents. The sketches and different drawings included are:

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  • title sheet,
  • general notes,
  • foundation plan,
  • construction plan,
  • electrical and finish plan,
  • reflected ceiling plan,
  • roof framing plan,
  • roof plan,
  • exterior elevations,
  • sections,
  • wall sections,
  • details,
  • interior elevations,
  • window and door schedule,
  • And structural plans and details.

Our plans are extremely well planned and detailed and are intended to be used to buy the building materials that are not included in our kits that we supply.


The BINDER shall contain a set of construction instructions, a list of materials required, a construction schedule, with detailed product specifications. These instructions will help guide your General Contractor on how to build the Kit Home. The list of materials for all the different construction phases; your General Contractor can use it as a list for ordering materials which are not included in the Kit. The construction schedule streamlines the timeline of the construction of the LV with that of various subcontractors.


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