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switchIn Telecom and IT networks, containerized solutions are designed for Mobile Switching Centers (MSCs), optical main nodes and cable landing stations. The oil & gas and mining industries use Smartec Containerized Solutions as automatic switchgears and control centers.
Switchgear rooms are designed to both de-energize equipment and clear faults. Switchgear equipment is found in substations on the high voltage and low voltage side of large power transformers. Low-voltage switchgear is usually housed in a substation called a “power distribution center”. Control rooms are designed for the oil & gas, mining and chemical industries that operate 24/7/365. To keep systems up and running, many different types of power systems and equipment must be housed in a single control center.
To simplify transportation and future expansion, large solutions like this are often built in 30m2 to 50m2 modules that can be expanded on the ground level or stacked as multiple stories. The entire building is prefabricated in sections that can withstand transportation to remote areas with little to no infrastructure.
By using a pre-fabricated structure, the interior layout, engineering, and building preparation can be carried out irrespective of site acquisition. Equipment installation and testing is completed prior to shipment to ensure everything is in top-functioning order when arriving on site.

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