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Canopy Structures

Our pre-engineered and custom quality steel canopies work as a great set-up for fuelling applications. These protect your companies own personnel, your clients and also provide protection from acts of nature like storms and water run offs.

Some of these key features include:

  • Decorative columns
  • Standard “straight” fascia or molded and more architecturally pleasing styles
  • Flat roof or standing seam hip/gable roof styles
  • Wood or steel trusses
  • Internal or external watertight roof drains
  • Flush mount or surface mount lighting

Arrays of designs are available which have an aesthetic appeal and great looks to meet your requirements.

All canopies come pre-equipped with a detailed manual consisting of Professional Engineer (PE) stamped and sealed drawings and detailed footer design.
The anchor bolts are shipped to you ahead of time, we also offer cost-effective great service relate to installation of the canopies.

Usage of the canopies

  • Fuel Island Canopy
  • Vehicle Protection Canopy
  • Entrance Exit Canopy
  • Gasoline & Diesel Fueling Island Canopy
  • Transit Canopy
  • Overhead Metal Canopy
  • Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Canopy
  • E85 Fueling Canopy
  • Hydrogen and Clean Energy Fueling Canopy


Canopy access control points

  • Access Control Point Canopy
  • Military Entrance Canopy
  • Vehicle & Truck Inspection Canopy
  • Perimeter Security Canopy
  • ID Check Canopy
  • Vehicle & Truck Inspection Canopy
  • Toll Booth Plaza Canopy
  • Overhead Metal Canopy
  • Entry Control Point Canopy



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